I hope to have queens available by the end of June. I'll post here if I get them earlier.

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Please fill out this order form to order queens.

I will need to have weather predicted to be less than 85oF both here and there for a couple of days into the future and I don't like to ship past Wednesday in case the USPS runs late delivering.

If you want queens I need to have the information on the order form

How many.
Do you want to require a signature (think about your personal situation and how that will work out).
Phone number.

About My Queens

I've been catching feral swarms for 50 years, but I got serious about keeping the genetics only since Varroa. These feral survivors are the basis of the genetics of the bees I keep now. I started offering them for sale in 2004. These queens are "proven" in that they are allowed to lay until I have a good pattern before they are shipped. This means they have been laying at least two weeks and probably three before being shipped. This has a huge impact on the quality of the queens. Unfortunately it also impacts how many queens I can raise.

Queens vary in color.

2024 Price Schedule

I have decided that I have been underselling these, so I've raised the price. I don't ship them until they have been proven and have laid a good pattern and are laying for at least two weeks. These are tested and proven queens.
$35 shipping and handling per shipment.
$100 per proven queen


I haven't had a lot of luck with USPS lately, but I will try various things to get them there ok.


Queens will be shipped first come first served. It is too much trouble to try to get them shipped at specific times.


I do not want payment until I am ready to ship. Payment can be made through PayPal to the email address above or you can send me a personal check. The nice thing about a check is that PayPal doesn't take a cut.

Shipping Options

Also, I can require a signature or not on the shipment. You should think about the ramifications and which would best suit your situation. When a signature is required the Post Office will not deliver the queens if you are not there. Instead they will return them to the Post Office, after the carrier is done with their route. This means the queens often get caught in a game of deliver tag where they are on the truck on their way to you all the time but never get delivered. On the other hand requiring a signature can prevent them from leaving them in a hot mailbox. For busy people who have to work, it usually works better to not require the signature. I know when I have a package that requires a signature they never even knock on the door even though there are people here all the time and I end up playing tag for a day or two.

It's helpful if you notify your Post Office that you are expecting the queens. You can give any special instructions, like don't leave them in the black mailbox in the sun, leave them in the shade on the porch, or whatever fits your situation.


Black Queen Bee Black Queen Circle Of Attendants Black Queen

Black Queen

Black Bees Worker Wing

Black Bees. Can you spot the queen? Back wing of black worker bee.

Michael Bush

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