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I will try to keep a calendar here of my speaking engagements. Currently some of them are tentative. I will update as I get them finalized.

Tentative Schedule through the end of the year. Some links are provided and details for venues and times will be posted on those as they become available. If you'd like to save money and me time, I'll be driving to most of these so if youíre on this path and youíll put me up, you can get a bargain as you wonít have to pay travel costs. If you are interested please drop me an email (see email address above).

31 Jan 2015 Clark County Beekeepers Asc., Portland, OR
7 Feb 2015 Nebraska Sustainable Ag. Society, Omaha, NE
28 Feb-2 Mar 2015 Treatment Free Conference, Oracle, AZ
7 Mar 2015 Highlands Beekeepers, Abingdon, VA
13-14 Mar 2015 Michigan Beekeepers' Association 150th anniversary
21 Mar 2015 Alameda County Bee Asc., Oakland, CA
28 Mar 2015 University of Utah, Salt Lake City
4 Apr 2015 Bee Thinking, Portland, OR
11 Apr 2015 Central Wisconsin Beekeepers' Asc., Wausau WI
18 Apr 2015 Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Asc., Augusta County, VA
25 Apr 2015 Spokane Honey Company, Spokane, WA
22 May-07 Jun 2015 Bee Camp at Michael Bush's, Nehawka, NE
18-19 Sep 2015 Georgia Beekeepers Asc., Milledgeville, GA
15-18 Oct 2015 Missouri State Beekeepers Asc., Columbus, MO
26-28 Feb 2016 Oracle Treatment Free Conference, Oracle, AZ
5 March 2016Shelby County Beekeepers Asc., Birmingham, AL
12 March 2016Southern Virgina Beekeepers Asc., Augusta county, VA
9 Apr 2016 West Virgina State Beekeepers Asc., Charleston, WV
20 May-3 Jun 2016 Bee Camp at Michael Bush's, Nehawka, NE

Speaker Fees

I am available to speak most any weekend Iím not scheduled already if we can work it out so I don't miss work. Currently I am working Monday through Thursday. I may be able to fly out on a Thursday night if a club or group of clubs wanted to do something on Friday and then Saturday.

The question that comes up, of course, is what my fees are. I wish this were simple to answer, but itís not. I am transitioning to doing beekeeping and speaking full time, so I need to make a living at this. First, let me say if you think itís not in your budget give me a call and we will see what we can work out.

There are things that we can do to reduce my costs and time and therefore the fee. For instance, if you schedule something where Iím already in the area and I donít have to spend a day traveling to get there and another traveling to get back, it saves me two days and it may save you some on the expense of paying my transportation.

Keep in mind, though, I have found that when people pay me to come they often feel taken advantage of when someone else cashes in on my presence without sharing the cost and possibly competes with their event (i.e. people may go to the other event to hear me rather than theirs, and I'm only there because they paid my way). I find it works better if the two parties that want to share my presence in the area work out the details rather than with me. Then they can arrive at something they think is fair as far as sharing the expenses and the benefits without anyone feeling taken advantage of. It is also helpful to make such arrangements quickly if you see I am going to be in the area as it is expensive to change dates on plane tickets.

A day whether traveling or presenting costs me the same as far as my time and work. As far as room and board, Iím more than happy, and would actually usually prefer to stay with some beekeeper who doesnít mind staying up all night talking bees, and will feed me, rather than a hotel and restaurants. Part of my dilemma, of course, is that I donít want to price my time so high that I miss something I could have otherwise done, but at the same time, especially during queen rearing season, it could cost me more than I make to speak. If I miss a round of queens, it could be pretty significant income that I could have otherwise made. So my base price here is different for "queen rearing season" than "not queen rearing season". Also I am assuming that I will be allowed a table somewhere to sell my books (some written by me and some not). Since I got booked up all through queen rearing last year, I'm raising that price this year to hopefully keep my queen rearing season open for queen rearing.

As far as what I am available to do, I can do as many presentations as you like while Iím there (within reason of course). I often start at 9am and run to 5 or 6pm. I can do seminars on queen rearing or hands on demonstrations on any topic if you can provide the bees and the equipment.

So my fee per day (whether traveling or presenting) is:
May 1 through August 30: $375
Sept 1 through May 1: $125

As an example, a typical seminar might be two days traveling and one day presenting. That comes to 3 days. In queen rearing season that is $1,125 total plus travel expenses (airline tickets, etc.). In the off season that is $375 total plus travel expenses.

Travel can be lowest air fare that fits my schedule or IRS mileage (I prefer to drive if it's 500 miles or less so I can take boxes of books). You should probably plan on me flying out 12-24 hours in advance to minimize cancellation issues by airlines.

Here are the presentations I've done and could easily do again. If you have something else you would like, let me know.